WiFi Password Hacker Online

The whole internet world is buzzing "One small application in internet, one giant leap in technology". Yes we are talking about the WiFi hacker. Fact is that bill gates became rich by selling his shares knocking the doors of each house asking them to buy his stock. Microsoft was small then on the verge of becoming huge. The same is predicted of this application. It will be the salt of every kitchen. No computer is ever complete without WiFi hacker the same way no kitchen is ever complete without traditional salt. There are already 4653 downloads of this application from the official website as I am writing this. Numbers can only increase. The people who have already downloaded this application need not be taught a lesson on how good the application is. Since the application is free and I'm in no way affiliated to this company, there is no real need for me to sell you this application. But this WiFi hacker is way too good that I won't feel good if I don't write a testimonial for this application. People think of this application of some illegally coded piece of software which shows how to hack wifi password. But the reality is that most users who downloaded this application are unaware of is that this application is as ethical as it gets. This application has got a patent under its name. When it comes to getting a patent for any application you create, you ought to have an alias name for it. This application's alias is WiFi unlocker. Both the names sounds apt to the design but a certain hacker would grab more attention than any unlocker could.

Free Internet is the only way forward

Hence the application and its alias were named the way they were named. "All that has a hacker in its name isn't a hack" Confused? Reinstating the ethicality of the application, this application has got permission from telecommunication industry from 173 countries in the world. The very way the application works is prior to unveiling the password, it sends a request from your router encrypted in 256 bits that the nearby WiFi devices certainly hasn't been used to its maximum. The corresponding ISP of the neighbor’s WiFi device will validate the request. It returns a high signal to the router if the WiFi device you are going to use the WiFi unlocker application on is subscribed to an unmetered bandwidth plan. This won't be a problem by anyone's guess because only idiots won't go for metered bandwidth. Then the high signal will be taken as a signal by the application to proceed to the next step. This step is called 'Maximum Speed Utilization test'. The application will ping the router and runs a speed test on it. If the speed used by the nearby router is 65% less than its maximum speed, then another high signal will be returned. This high signal will be sent to the corresponding ISP again who returns the application the WiFi password of the router. It is really astonishing to just think a single application changed the lives of millions of people in a positive way when the countries across the world came together. One up for humanity and technology!!!